What Many Don't Know About The PDP Anambra Man of The Moment Valentine Chineto Ozigbo


Come November 6, 2021, Anambra state indigenes will be going to the polls to select the candidate of their choice out of several contestants who will pilot the affairs of the state from the Government House in Agu Awka for the next 4 years. The hope and aspirations of a people at every election cycle is that any newly elected and successive administration would perform better than the preceding one, in terms of good governance anchored on transparency, accountability, people oriented inclusiveness, and general delivery of democracy dividends. This has been the case since 1999, and every new administration in Anambra State has delivered on these essentials, even though it is alleged by many that the present APGA government failed to deliver.

By their nature, "Ndi Anambra" (Anambra people) are largely hardworking and industrious people. They are go-getters and achievers individually and collectively, and are constantly yearning for a commensurate hardworking result oriented government to complement the inherent communal and self-help philosophy of the people. 

It is in  realisation of this fact that the state desire the need for them to take their rightful pride of place and Valentine Chineto Ozigbo of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), made a conscious and conscientious decision to offer himself for service in the quest for a desirable and purposeful leadership of the state by contesting, and subsequently emerging as the governorship candidate of party.

Valentine Ozigbo's motivation for seeking to occupy the Government House at Agu Awka following the November 6 governorship elections is predicated on his love for his people and their overall well being. From his early childhood, and up till present times, Val Ozigbo has always been driven by the quest for excellence in every venture he is involved in. He has been described in some fora as the village boy who became a world class Chief Executive Officer, which description relates to his career; first in the banking sector, and lately in the hospitality, life style and entertainment industry. He is renowned and acclaimed for turning around for the better, every organization he has headed.

Born and bred in his native Amesi, Aguata LGA hometown, up to his education and working life, Val Ozigbo has always strived to be the best he can ever be, and first among equals, which characteristics have consistently manifested in his brilliance and excellent educational background, and exceptional achievements in the course of his career. So much so that local and international community and organizations have recognised and honoured him with awards of excellent, positively impactful leadership and human capital development, including but not limited to his induction into the prestigious Seven Star Pantheon Hall of Fame for excellence in hospitality and lifestyle, in Crete, Greece. It is this combination of brilliance and excellence he intends to bring to bear in the administration of Anambra State after the November 6 governorship elections.

Valentine Chineto Ozigbo has instilled in him the uncommon virtues of accessibility, humility despite his achievements, friendliness, and respect for humanity, not minding status, class or creed, which character traits have adequately and distinctly prepared him for the tasks ahead thus, the reason he is soliciting for your to emerge the victor alongside his running mate, Chief Mrs. Azuka Enemuo (Owelle), a woman of virtue and seasoned administrators in her own right, in the November 6 governorship polls.

In the words of the man Valentine Chineto Ozigbo himself, " there is nothing to be proud of in Anambra at the moment. Roads are bad, healthcare is non-existent, education is moribund, security is at all time low, add this to the state's debt profile, and you will agree that Anambra needs a total overhaul. If we don't start now, we might never get it right. Our freedom must begin now. November 6 is our date with history, and we are ready to match to victory."

"Let us not by ourselves mortgage our future, that of our children, and our children's children to the whims and caprice of selfish impostors who don't have any credible or realistic development agenda for our beloved homestead, except a premeditated strategy for the plundering of our collective patrimony, for their personal aggrandizement and that of their cronies" 

The only way Ndi Anambra can ensure this is by coming out in large numbers on election day to vote massively for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which Valentine Chineto Ozigbo (VCO) is the candidate.


  1. Wow he looks like the right man for the job.


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