Prince Harry Following Meghan Markle’s Lead, Couple Becoming A ‘Public Relation Disaster'

Prince Harry is following Meghan Markle’s lead and the couple has allegedly become a “public relation disaster.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been plagued with different controversies from taking private flights to their obsession with privacy. The couple was also criticized for speaking up about their personal struggles because it was not how the royals were brought up. Thus, they were considered a PR disaster for the monarchy and some netizens agreed with this.

“The problem is they are behaving like celebrities and not as royals. Harry clearly is following Meghan’s lead, who has gone from a C-List actress to an A-List star based on her marriage to Prince Harry,” Melissa Marshall wrote on Quora.

According to Marshall, prior to dating and marrying Markle, Prince Harry declared that he would be a forever military advocate as an army veteran. He even founded Invictus Games. However, after tying the knot with Markle, he changed.

“What does Prince Harry do? He recently ditched a Royal Marine memorial commemoration event to go with Celebrity Self-Absorbed Markle to hobnob with Beyonce and Jay-Z at the premiere of The Lion King. Interesting way to show your support for the troops, Harry,” Marshall continued.

She added that it would be considered a faux pas if it only happened once. However, when it is a series of juvenile PR screw-ups, it becomes galling to watch.

Denise Tanner also felt that the couple brought negative headlines to the monarchy.  According to her, instead of projecting a positive image and enhancing the royal family’s standing with the British public, Markle had the opposite effect and became one PR disaster after another.

Diana Donald agreed and described the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “damaging” to the royal family. She added that if the couple would continue to be disrespectful and irresponsible, then they should leave completely and make their own way at their own expense.

Lana DeSimone also supported the claim. For her, Markle “isn’t news, she’s a mess.” She was convinced with the reports against Markle because the allegations were based on Markle’s unroyal behavior, lack of long time successful relationships and the words of her former friends and colleagues.

According to New Idea, there are rumors that Markle and Prince Harry will be leaving the royal family for good. A source claimed that the couple wants to move to Africa.