Pastor David Ogbueli Stuns Church Members

The dirge David sang after the death of Saul included the refrain to "tell it not in Gath. Proclaim it not in the streets of Ashkelon- lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice. Lest the daughters of the uncircumcised triumph" (2 Samuel 1:20)
Both Gath and Ashkelon were cities in Philistia, home to Israel's perennial enemies the Philistines.

The essence of that injunction was to tell those who are God's people to not publicize any of the Kingdom's setbacks before God's enemies.

Unfortunately, in the age we live in it is not uncommon to see those who claim to love Christ yet never cease to disparage His Bride.
In this day where ceaseless aspersions have been cast on pastors and the Body of Christ it is my immense pride to tell you about my pastor, the pastor of Dominion City International- Pastor David Ogbueli. I have known him for 23 years and have never met anyone as committed firstly to the cause of Christ, and secondly to humanity.
I have known his erstwhile 2ic, Rev. Dubus Achufusi, for the same amount of time.
His commitment to the cause of Christ firstly, and then his followership of Pastor David has never been questionable. Knowing Pastor David I thought I had gotten used to his selflessness and I felt the magnitude of his displays of magnanimity would not astound me anymore, but boy was I wrong. Dominion City has several hundreds of chapters around the world with a number serving as Zonal and Regional HQs. Dominion City Ikeja was the Zonal HQ of Lagos Mainland and this is where Rev. Dubus was pastoring.
The facility on Oregun Road runs into multiple hundreds of millions of naira. I know the cost of the land. I know the cost of the imported tent, the chandeliers, the 2250KVA generators, the office complex, the ACs, the audio system etc all of which were imported.
I know because I was involved.
It was just this past Sunday that Pastor David visited the church in Ikeja and then called out Rev. Dubus and his wife, prayed for them as he released them to launch their ministry and carve a niche for themselves in the plan and purpose of God.
But then he also got up and announced that Dominion City had willed the entire facility, to the last pin, to Rev. Dubus and his wife, and announced that all among the congregation of over 2,000 people who chose to join him were free to do so.
This is the manifestation of the sort of thing Jesus Christ would do.
I am grateful that there are still men who would get up and do a thing like this.
This is the sort of thing we should broadcast on the streets of Philistia.

Post Contributor: Ugonna Emechebe


  1. That's the hall mark of a true pastor, one who equips but most importantly releases sons & daughters into their assignments..

    I love pst David 💜❤️

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