Pad-Up Africa Walk: Encourages FG to Subsidize the Cost of Sanitary Pads for Adolescent Girls and Women Living Rural Areas

Pad-up Africa, a non for profit organization advocating for the adolescent girls and women not be segregated due to menstruation and where adolescent girls and women do not suffer the ills of poor sanitary health practice, held a walk in Abuja ,on Saturday, the 25th of May, 2019 to advocate for the Federal government to subsidize the price of sanitary pads for adolescent girls and women living in the rural areas.

Founder, Ashley Lori in an interview stated that "adolescent girls and women in Nigeria are exposed to the health hazards of unhealthy menstrual hygiene materials and practices."  

"The need to empower them through sanitary sensitization, donation of sanitary pads and subsidy on the price of these sanitary pads cannot be overemphasized."

"Some of these young girls were told a myth by their parents that using sanitary pads while they are on their menstrual periods will prevent them from getting pregant for their husbands, simply because they cannot afford to constantly purchase pads for them."

She also added that over 25,000 sanitary pads had been distributed to schools, but it was just a tip of the iceberg because of the high proportion of girls who use newspaper, tissue paper, rags, leaves and even wear six or more school uniforms especially skirts in place of sanitary pads.

“We are also open to partnership with government, private sector, civil society, and individuals interested in sensitizing adolescent girls and women in Africa on good menstrual hygiene”