Indonesian Earthquake Takes Over 555 Lives

A string of deadly earthquakes was reported to have rocked Lombok Island in Indonesia and killed over 555, with about 1,500 people injured.

The disaster agency on Friday confirmed that hundreds of thousands has been left homeless due to the tragedy.

Indonesia’s disaster agency further stated that most of the deaths occurred in the northern part of Lombok, and also got several people in neighbouring Sumbawa island killed.

“Some 390,000 people remain displaced after the quakes”, the disaster agency said.

"We've deployed troops to isolated villages that are difficult to reach."

"There are many villages that are hard to access with motorbikes." 

"Some aid has to be delivered on foot." 

Although Aid organisations are doing all they can to step up humanitarian assistance on the island as devastated residents struggle in makeshift displacement camps, they warned that access to food, shelter and clean water has been insufficient for some residents displaced by the disasters.