Fayose Berates APC for ‘Hiring Crowd,’ Blocking Govt House Gates

Governor Ayodele Fayose yesterday berated the Federal Government over the blockade of all roads leading to the Government House by security men. 

The security men prevented vehicles from going in and out of the Government House while the APC rally attended by President Muhammadu Buhari lasted. 

But pedestrians were allowed to go in with many going to join the Ekiti drivers unions who assembled at the government house since Monday night.

Many visitors to the Government House parked their cars and trekked inside while those already inside abandoned their vehicles and trekked home. 

Fayose, on Monday night, had ordered the transport workers’ leaders to instruct their members to park their vehicles at the Government House, in what many in the state believe was a show of power and test of popularity. 

Speaking about the presence of the crowd at the Government House ground, Fayose said it has proved to the All Progressives Congress that the masses were for him. 

The carnival-like assembly had a musician on stage performing to the delight of the drivers and supporters of Peoples Democratic Party. 

The governor said, “It is an abnormality to block the gates of the Government House.