Develop A Digital Savings Culture With Consumer Microfinance Bank's "EsusuOnline"

You can exit the unemployment situation ravaging Nigeria by becoming an agent for ESUSUONLINE - "MUTUAL FINANCE SCHEME" of #ConsumerMicrofinanceBank Limited.

Esusu which means ‘Mutual Financing’ in Yoruba is a digitalized account with a daily savings contribution and Loan features. Offered in a structured & institutionalized form to provide an opportunity for capital accumulations and develop savings culture. is a great opportunity for many Nigerians to become self-employed as AGENT and make a minimum of 100,000 Naira monthly by registering customers, earning fees & commission from customers’ transactions. is a web based savings platform developed by Consumer
Microfinance Bank Limited for Low income savers to not only save their little change but also access funding for their business and projects, is a unique dynamic "one of its kind" Savings/Funding scheme online.

You can register on today to leverage on this opportunity and start earning money. It is quick & easy, all that is required of a USER or an AGENT is to:

• Fill the registration form with your Email 
• Create a password 
• Fill in your name 
• Phone number
• Bank Verification Number (BVN)
• Answer security questions to keep your account secure

• Register immediately and start earning your commission

It is that easy and fast. Start making money as a registered user or agent by registering family and friends.