Dear Parents You Don’t Have to Worry Again About What Your Kids Are Exposed to on the Internet. See Why

MINDGUARD is a solution based app specially designed to tackle problem that many parents and guardians have been worried about since the beginning of technological revolution, particularly in ICT. It is a platform for parents who care about the minds and development of their children.

Mindguard, combine technology and educational initiative to combat the modern threats to the minds of children in the rapidly growing digital age, such as the protection your child’s phones and gadgets from Sexual Predators, Self-harm (suicide sites), Cyber-bullying, Pornography/Other Age Restricted Content, Phishing and Vulnerability to Online Scams, Poor Attention, Posting Private Information and lack of sleep due to screen time.

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Parents are already testifying to the effectiveness of mindguard app. Here is what one Mrs Titlayo O, from Lagos has to say -

"Recently, the head of my daughter's secondary school announced that boarding school students can now take phones to the boarding house. That struck so much fear in my heart!

Ah! Wouldn't they spend all their time on Facebook? What about all the bad things that I heard that children do on the internet these days? Pornography, suicide enabling websites, cyber bullying sites and so on. I was just too worried.

I called my twin sister in the US and she said her kids have phones that she just put parental security on their phones to filter out age restricted web content and to set time limits on their use of certain applications. I thought we didn't have anything like that in Nigeria but we do! It's

The peace of mind this has given me is indescribable! Their customer service was also world class and I'm just so grateful that Nigeria is finally catching up with the rest of the world in terms of technology."