The South East Women Peace And Governance Advocate Issues A Communique

At the meeting of the South East Women Peace and Governance Advocates held at the Rockview Hotel in Abuja on Thursday 28th September, 2017.

The following observations were made:

The peace and unity of Nigeria is being threatened
There is low participation of women in peace and governance
There is lack of intergenerational mentoring for young girls.
The South East Women Peace and Governance advocates:

  • ·     Strongly advocates for key stakeholders to take forward the message of peace and unity

  • ·     Recommend that the conversation and consultations on restructuring should be inclusive

  • ·    Affim that restructuring is not disintegration

  • ·     For increased participation of women and youth in peace initiative and institutions

  • ·    Encourage intergenerational mentoring of young girl

Finally we commend the role played by other stakeholders in promoting peace and unity.