Bola Tinubu "Reconciles" With Buhari

In an apparent move to douse political tension and dispel the rumors of a possible faceoff between Senator Ahmed Tinubu and the Buhari faction of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu visited the State House today. 

The President and Asiwaju Tinubu held a closed door meeting and can be seen
smiling and patting hands in a rare show of comraderie. As we head into 2018 and the politicking that would be associated with it, the SW/Northern alliance of Asiwaju and Buhari is essential if the President is to be re-elected for a second term.

Already a campaign office for Buhari Support Organization was opened in Abuja last week, with the rumor mill going on full drive that the president despite rumors of long term ill health is indeed standing for re-election in 2019. 

The obvious dissatisfaction with the current administration is becoming wide spread due to the economic hardship, obvious nepotism in appointments, allegations of corruption within the administration and other political gladiators within the All Progressive Congress (APC) bracing up to contest the presidential ticket, a healthy relationship between Bola Tinubu and President Buhari is a key component of any envisaged victory at the polls. 

The coming months will witness alignments and realignments with the political polity, interesting times ahead.

Details of the meeting where not available as at press time.