NIMC Reveals Age Limit For Obtaining A National ID Card

The National identity Management Commission (NIMC) has revealed that obtaining National Identity Cards for minors cannot be done until they are 16.

This was disclosed on Wednesday by the Head, Corporate Affairs of the commission, Mr. Loveday Ogbonna who stated that minors can only be issued with National Identification Number (NIN) if they are accompanied by their parents, who also must have obtained their National ID Cards.

Mr Ogbonna stated that minors must present their birth certificate, school admission letter or any other relevant school documents like the National
Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) identity card in order to apply for the card.

He said, “Relevant documents proving the minor’s identity should be provided by the parent or guardian at the enrollment center.

The applicant’s parent or guardian must also provides his or her initially issued NIC slip or verification”.