Whatsapp Service Banned In China

In a bid to tighten their Internet security with the major leadership reshuffle which holds twice-a-decade coming up, China has moved to partially ban whatsapp users as many on Wednesday, have reportedly had a difficult experience in using the application to send photos, videos and also texts.

The block according to the Security analysts was said to have been done by
the Chinese government. Reports as to if the ban is permanent or temporal is yet to be known.

If eventually Whatsapp is blocked, it will join a list of banned sites in China as in the past couple of months China have forced three major websites to stop streaming videos and audio content.

However the move for the ban may have been with regards to aiding Chinese Wechat’s business, which is also very popular in china.This may be so as Native businesses have benefited from recent bans by China. For example, when Google left in China, other search engines such as Baidu prospered. Also with Twitter and Facebook off, Weibo prospered.