Diva Essentials Fashion: What Makes The Brand Different From Others

Running an independent brand isn’t easy these days. With more competition than ever and financial security far from guaranteed, many upstart labels find it hard to maintain longevity.

The massive flood of internet users have, in many ways, completely revolutionized the fashion industry in Nigeria. The web has given a new wave of independent brands the chance to shine on the global stage. Instantaneous communication to a global audience is now only a click away

However, thousands upon thousands of fashion labels are furiously competing for a piece of the action, making long-term survival far from guaranteed; we have seen some fashion brands call it quit. While every brand has a different story and different circumstances, it’s clear that independent labels are in for a challenge if they want to translate their vision into commercial reality in an age of fierce competition and economic uncertainty.

All of this begs the question, what makes Diva Essentials unique or independently different from other fashion brands in order to find permanent success in the industry and, more importantly, maintain it?

It’s All In The Categories of Diva Essentials Product

A clothing line should be creative and not afraid to try something new, Diva Essentials exceptional categories of their different unique designs birthed their community of “Divas” (men and women who love looking comfortable and confident in clothes) where anyone can “believe, belong and become” all they want to be while looking trendy in the almost rare pieces.

Diva’s Menswear called “The Man Diva” also known as a Divo, is more than comfortable to demonstrate his style in confidence, taking no risk in expressing his inner self, bold enough to be a trend setter. Whether he is spotted in his traditional attire or rocking on a classic look. He is never afraid to express his style, leaving a lasting memory of what a man diva should represent either in his khaftan, Aso ibile, Isiagu or corporate shirts.

Other categories of Diva Essentials unique products includes “THE HIJAB DIVA” symbolizing modesty, comfort, protection and privacy; “THE CHIC DIVA” which describes being elegant, smart, stylish and portraying trendy lifestyle through her dresses; “THE QUEEN DIVA” which translates royalty, elegance, glamor, confidence and authority. Her appearance speaks of power, making her the queen she is in the outfits; “THE GLAM DIVA” Spares no expense to look gorgeous, while elevating her beauty, class and style as she dazzles with her presence and looks.

Whatever piece that is produced, from the garment tags, packaging, colour, to their ready to wear and made to measure, Diva Essentials always tries to offer customers, products that feel interesting have a real point of difference.

According to Diva Essentials creative director, “Our customers want to see something slightly different, something exciting and something new. While chasing trends is inevitably not bad, it doesn’t guarantee longevity for when times change; and we are here for the long term”. 

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