Former Italian Prime Minister Labels Emmanuel Macron’s Wife: “A Good Looking Mum”

on the left-Silvio Berlusconi, on the right is Emmanuel Macron and wife
Former Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi has aimed a joking dig at newly elected french President, Emmanuel Macron calling him a “good looking lad with a beautiful mum”

Emmanuel Macron is 39 and is married to Brigitte Macron who is 64. Their affair started when she was Macron’s high school teacher.

Silvio Berlusconi during a campaign in event in Monza, near Milan said: “We have a 39-year-old guy [as French president] with, however, good work experiences, and, above all, with a beautiful mum who has taken him by the arm ever since he was a boy”.

Berlusconi who is 80 is in a relationship with Francesca Pascale who is 49 years his junior.

The politician who was acquitted in 2014 of charges of soliciting for sex from a 17 year old Moroccan, Karima El Mahroug, may face trial on charges of bribing defence witnesses.