FCT Minister Bans Check Of Vehicle Particulars in Abuja

The FCT minister, Justice Mohammed Bello has directed officers and Department of Road transport Service (DRTS), popularly called VIOs to stop checking the vehicle particulars in Abuja between the hours of 7 and 9 in the morning and 4 & 6 in the evening.

This instruction has come after reports of the numerous traffic jams caused in Abuja was
reported to be as a result of the many check points as well as vehicle inspection done by the VIOs.

So, in  done in order to ease transport during the early hours of the morning as well as in the evening when many workers will be going to and fro work respectively, the minister issued the directives.
The instruction was dated 23rd March, 2017 and was signed by Aliyu Dogo Bodingo (Ag. Director, RTS) also threatened disciplinary actions against anyone who opposes it.


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