This Holiday Register Your Child To Attend Talmon Learning Center Season 4 Home Camp

It is the holidays again and your children need a little or a lot more fun before school resumes. 
A good entertainment begins when a child feels very much at home and he/she is surrounded with love. 
The enjoyment of learning and your child's safety are our main priorities at Talmon Learning Center (TLC) homecamp.
Talmon Learning Center (TLC) homecamp is a home away from home camp that provides working parents of today, peace of mind on the whereabout of their children especially during the long holidays. 

Each child would participate in all activities and would have attached to him/her an adult supervision at all times. 

our goal is to provide children from ages six (6) to thirteen (13) years with a full range of opportunities to discover new knowledge, develop new skills and to achieve personal learning goals. 

The duration of the season 4  of Talmon Learning Center (TLC) two weeks easter homecamp starts from 10th  to  22nd April, 2017. 
Parents can also opt for a week participation depending on what is convenient for them and their child(ren) 

For enquiries, paynents and registeration, see flier above or call - 080-333-4-111-2