The Marketplace Review - How to Sell Online Using Classified Sites In Nigeria

With the emergence of ecommerce being entrepreneurial is now much easier than it ever had been. In this simple post readers can quickly grasp what selling online is in the 21st century, platforms that enables you sell online and how easy it is to sell online.  Have you been of the opinion that the internet of things is inexhaustible, you are absolutely right. Are you ready for the revolution?

You may not be ready but the revolution is already here. So, imagine you are moving into a new apartment and you suddenly realize you may not be in need of a lot of your old appliances or you are simply a trader of gadgets and your only avenue of selling your wares is through buyers who physically walk-in, here comes the importance of selling online.

So, the question now is how do one sell online? Selling online is no more a big deal, the big deal is knowing that tons of goods worth billions of Naira are transacted online on a monthly basis and by this people actually make money online using classified sites to make their buying and selling possible. By all standards, the marketplace is no more where it usually is, inadvertently the average corner-shops, malls, stalls, street vendors, showrooms and kiosks are no more in top consideration for the ever-busy, easy-does-it millennials.

The Online Marketplace
OLX - The concept behind OLX is simple, place a free advert of your products or services on the OLX website and get contacted by buyers who are interested in what you have offered to sell. So, you can reach a specific market target on OLX, just be sure of the audience you are targeting, and make sure you’re pulling them in by having a working number from which you will be contacted and making sure your price is negotiable and affordable.

Postwanga – The Postwanga marketplace is a unique one, the platform claims to be a family friendly marketplace, by this they imply that children, teenagers and adult can all access the marketplace without fear of any obscene content, post or product being displayed in the platform. Postwanga differs largely due to the platforms ability allow services to be posted. Imagine you need the service of a painter, repairer, beautician or just name it, the Postwanga marketplace supports such services.

Jiji - is a fast-growing Nigerian free online classified site with advanced security system. They claim to provide a simple hassle-free solution to sell and buy almost anything. As a Seller, you can: Post free Ads with images; Update, move your ad to Top position to get maximum efficiency from selling, get calls and messages only from real people, because they require every user to register. as a buyer, you can: Buy anything, simply call or send message to the Seller and agree purchase with Sellers directly.