Photos From Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs - The Next Economy Crowdfunding Bootcamp Held in Abuja

Abuja was lit with excitement and energy as The Next Economy held a crowdfuding bootcamp for entrepreneurs in Abuja and yours sincerely was one of the social media experts to invited to show the enthusiastic entrepreneurs on how to deploy social media strategy for a successful and result oriented crowdfunding campaign.

Other business gurus and experts in their different fields present to impact were - Blossom Ozurumba - Technical Assistance to the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Kolo Kenneth K - @kolokennethk on twitter, Doyin Adewola - Box Office Abuja, Bankole Oloruntoba - Enspire Business Incubator Abuja, Lanre Phillips - Ocean 11 and Elpee Consults, Barbara Onyejose - Afrilabs and a host of others.

About The Next Economy

The Next Economy empowers African youth to unleash their talents, build their confidence and hone the skills they need for a successful career in a job or as an entrepreneur.

They support youth in designing their own ‘Next Economy’ by giving them the opportunity to kick-start their professional future. Offer jobseekers the tools, skills and experience they need to get a foot in the door with potential employers. For young entrepreneurs, they offer an innovative programme in which they can bounce ideas around, learn from experts and meet investors to get their business off the ground.

 The Next Economy is part of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Local Employment in Africa for Development (L.E.A.D.) programme. The Next Economy is a collaboration between SOS Children’s Villages, 1%Club, Enviu and Afrilabs. The programme runs in Nigeria, Mali and Somalia from 2016 - 2018.

Experts pitching about their different sessions for the participants to subscribe and get trained
The crowdfunding bootcamp is part of the curriculum of The Next Economy programme component for aspiring entrepreneurs. Crowdfunding is a way for the entrepreneurs who joined The Next Economy to raise seed capital through the collective effort of friends, family, (potential) customers and individual investors. 

Experts still piching about their sessions
With crowdfunding entrepreneurs learn to pitch their business idea to a wide audience. They have to show the will to really get their ideas off the ground, along with the skills to convince others that their ideas are worth supporting. The crowd then determines whether they believe an idea is worth their full support.

The Dutch Next Economy is in partnership with 1%Club The Fate Foundation and  Enspire 

Cynthia Anaele ( & Blossom Ozurumba (Social media Technical Assistance to the Minister of Petroleum Resources)
 One of the benefits is that it provides proof of market interest for products, as the crowd determines which business ideas should obtain funds to grow. Most of the time this is the first time that the entrepreneur really starts interacting with potential customer and other stakeholders, which can result in great feedback and insights about the product or service. This often increases the success rate of startups in a later stage.

L to R: Doyin Adewola, Cynthia Anaele, Bankole Oloruntoba, Barbara Onyejose, Lanre Phillips, Kolo Kenneth K