Dear Nigerians, Let's Save Gbemi. He Has Gastric Stomach Cancer

Dear Nigerians, Gbemi is a husband and a father to a lovely boy. He is in desperate need of your help to fight stage 4 Gastric Stomach Cancer. He has set up a GoFundMe for you to donate towards his medical treatment. He is trusting God for well meaning Nigerians to come to his aid. 

Below is his story...

My name is Oluwagbemi, and I am a family man with a loving wife and a son. I reside in Kent just outskirts of London and I was a trader before my sickness. I was devastated when the news was broken to me less than 6 months after my marriage in 2016. I was diagnosed with stage 4 Gastric Stomach Cancer. Before the diagnosis, I had been in and out of the hospital without a proper diagnosis. I had been to the hospital numerous times with sever pain and I was either given painkiller or told that I was constipated. 

When I persisted, the scans were done and I was dismissed on the basis that the doctors
said what they saw was fasces. I kept visiting the hospital until God sent an intern who was able to properly read my scans and escalate the case.  When the doctors decided to take me serious, they came out with a diagnosis of Gastric Cancer, and I was in my stage 4 at this point.

Since I knew time was ticking, and the level of quality of care was different from private hospitals, I had to go to  private Hospitals (Wellington Hospital and Kims Hospital)  where I had 2 different surgeries and a siginifcant amount of the cancer was removed. Unfortunately there were some cancer that was inoperable, hence was growing on one of my major blood vessel. I was advised that it was only chemoteraphy and/or radiotherapy that could be administered to it, because if the doctors tried to operate on it, I would most probably not make it out of the surgery .

Find a Summary of my Record - 

Diagnosis - Moderate to poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of the distal stomach HER 2 positive
Surgical Stage pT4A pN2 R2 resection due to inoperable coeliac lymph

02.08.2016 underwent distal gastrectomy

22.09.2016  Commenced post operative Chemotherapy with CX and Trastuzumab

November 16 disease progression after three cycles of chemotherapy

15.12.2016 Palliative radiotherapy to the coeliac access lymph node and oblicuos,

20Gy 5 fractions over one week completed December 2016

21.12.2016 Completed radiotherapy

I have undergone various cycles of chemotherapy and radiotheraphy which has been really intense. I have had to leave my work because of my sickness and my wife has been a solid rock behind me as she has stood by me and helped me at every step. 

Since after my chemo, I have always been in excruciating and constant pain. At the moment, my options with the NHS are limited and have all been explored. I have undergone the normal cancer care process. I have undergone palliative care and constantly getting high dosage of morphine. I am not sure if my chemo has sort of introduced more pain to the situation because I can barely do a thing for myself.

At the moment I want to raise £100,000 for Immunotherapy Treatment, which will be done abroad this is not something that is  offered by the NHS. As a result I would have to go abroad, where the facility is offered. I have looked into getting a loan from the bank, but because I have not been working for a while and there has been no activities on my account, a loan is not an option with the bank. 

This is why I have come to this platform where I humbly seek donation to cover the funding needed for my immunotheraphy. This funds will be used to help me get better and improve my quality of life. I pray on a daily basis because I know time is not on my side, and I hold on to every miracle and hope of staying alive.

I thank every person in advance who contributes and helps to facilitate my recover. And I am appreciative that you donate towards keeping me alive; I pray someday I am able to show you my appreciation .

You can also click HERE to financially support him.


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