Move From Social Network To Networth with Jamisi Mobile

An average of 43.7millions Nigerians are on the internet every day and I bet you are one of
them. You are always connecting with friends on Facebook and quite often you are caught up with the discussion on Twitter. 

Many times within the week you frequently take a snooping walk down Instagram, checking up some friend’s upload on Pinterest, hollering at some other pals on Snapchat and finally completing the streak with a cup of coffee over Whatsapp.

Interestingly beside the mental and probably emotional satisfaction that you could connect
with these friends and those within your social circle across these online platforms, what else do you really reap? Pretty much nothing else I could guess.

Now come to think of it, have you ever thought of turning your social network to a net worth?
Take a moment to consider this: each friend and follower within social sphere is worth a value in money and the more they are the more the monetary value within your reach. 

You probably have a handful or rather so much of this connections that the likeliest thought of how to exchange value for money rather than the traditional social chitchat has not taking it hold on your mind. But there’s a solution after all.

Global telecom service provider Jamisi mobile with unbeatable call rate introducing the
Network to Net worth (J-N2N) scheme for everyone that has an active social account. Anyone on this program irrespective of the quantity of their social followership can now earn by just being active online. It couldn’t be simpler than this.

1. Obtain a Jamisi Trade Link
2. Get your friends to download the app, recharge and call
3. Earn percentile from every call they make

And while Jamisi has been designed for callers in mind, anyone who creates and maintains their own social account, blog or website can take advantage of the extraordinary opportunity. The JN2N is evidently the most efficient passive income system that gives true value to both ends. And In this day and age how else would a anyone upsurge is earning in such treacherous


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