Maliyo Games: Nigeria Made 'Dance Avenue' Coming Soon To Google Playstore. Watch Trailer Here

Lagos, Nigeria – 2nd February, 2017 – Maliyo Games, a leading mobile games development company in Nigeria announces the release of their most recent mobile game, Dance Avenue.

Dance Avenue is a 3D single/multiplayer social mobile game for Android and will be launched in April 2017. Dance Avenue is a game about sharing African dances with the world. It is aimed at helping game players enjoy African music, compete and learn various African dance steps. 

Some of its features include music selection, variety of game modes, social sharing options,
multiple characters, multiple backgrounds, leader-board and in-app purchases. 

“Africa is so rich in music, sounds and dance; so much that musicians and music producers from other parts of the world are using various bits of our music. We see no reason not to have a dance game focused on African music and dance.”-Hugo Obi, Chief Executive Officer, Maliyo Games A team of seasoned developers and creative talents from Maliyo Games created Dance Avenue. 

The game will be free to play and available across all Android devices [Version 4.1 and above]

Watch the trailer here