Trendsetter: Interview With Chikezie Prince, A Young Economics Graduate Turned Baker in Abuja

At Naijacynth, Trendsetters are passionate, skilled and visionary individuals who lead the way in ideas. These resilient and innovative people defies economic hardships facing the country such as unemployment, little or no access to capital to start up a business and total dependency, to being independent while executing an idea, skill or talent in exchange for profit.

We interview these set of world changers to inspire someone out there through their startup stories.

Today, we caught with Mr Chikezie Prince. A fresh graduate who  recently passed out from National Youth Service Corps, NYSC and could not get a job with his certificate. Chikezie has soon switched to his passion of making pastries and cakes. Now he is smiling to the bank.

Read naijacynth interview with Chikezie Prince after the cut

1.     To get to know you better, please tell us your name, a little about your background, education, experiences if any, hobbies and interests.

My name is Chikezie Prince, a Nigerian,a native of Imo state. I studied economics in university of Calabar,in that same university I worked as a cook in the university hotel and I gained experience for two years as a cook and confectionary.
My hobbies are traveling, cooking and sports

2.     Give us one word that describes you the best.

3.  What first inspired you to become baker?

 what inspired me to become a baker is interest, I am very passionate about it.

4.     Would you agree that you were also inspired by other skilled men/women role models in your line of business?

Yes I was.

5.     Tell us a little about your baking business, how you got started and what you are looking to achieve.

my baking business is mind capturing,it's a very nice and interesting business and my products are unique.

As a fresh graduate, after my NYSc, I looked for a job and it was not coming forth. I didn't want to waste my years waiting for when i will gain employment do I got started with baking by trying to do something little for a friend on his birthday, they liked it and that's how I picked interest in starting the business.

I am looking forward to establishing my business in a bigger and better way.

6.     Tell us about your startup, how much was involved and how long you have been in business.

my startup was tough and I didn't start in a big way,I started by buying an oven and the necessary materials I needed for the business. The total expenses involved in my starting up was two hundred and twenty thousand (220,000) I have saved for all of my life and I have been in the business just a year now.

7.     Do you make profit?

I don't really make much profit for now, but it comes in trickles. I want people to know me, what I do because my products,are not just about the profit but more of the value i give to my customers and my relationship with them which will keep them coming back.

8.     As a startup, what do you think are the biggest challenges facing what you do?

The biggest challenge now is fund/capital.

9.     What excites you about the future of your business?

What excites me about the future of my business is my dreams coming to pass as an entrepreneur and a well known and patronized baker.

10.     Do you intend to have partners and maybe train other people too?

Yes I intend having partners and retailers, also train people especially the youth.

11.     What other area of business would you like to go into in the near future? And Why?

 I will like to go into photography because with it, my bakery business will grow more.

12.     What type of people, business owners would you like to partner with? Why?

I will like to partner with any hard working people who have the mind to achieved great goals 

1.   13. Where do you see your baking business in two years, and how do you intend to make a change with it? 

 I see my baking business bigger with customers demanding for more products.
I intend making change with it by baking quality and healthy pastries to customers.

14.     What message would you give to other aspiring youth who want to start up a business but don’t know what to do?

Follow your dream,you can always start something no matter how small it is, don't wait till you have a lot of capital, focus and be determined. Your dream will speak for you

Mr Chikezie Prince can be reached via 07034841349
Do support him by purchasing his pastries.