Naija Skl Connect: First Nigerian Online Social Media Platform for Alumni Associations

Testifier hopes Mark Zuckerberg see this post and have a seat down discussion with him.

My testimony:

I attended Lagos State Model College Igbokuta, Ikorodu and graduated with the 1999/2000set. Over the years after graduation, my set never met togetger again and communication between most members was non existence. A few friends may say hello once in awhile, but nothing encouraged unity amongst the graduates of that set.

I grew up with the founder of Naija Skl Connect, a Social media network for Alumni association. We had been friends since child hood. He had informed me of his pet project and how during his growing up years  he had known Alumni associations to be for only social activities and he wanted to change the narrative. 

He wanted to use the association to add value both to the members of the association and the school. In 2011, he had began building the Naija Skl Connect web site and at the same time had also began planning his own secondary school reunion to act as his test pilot. Prior to the event which he tagged, Nigerian Navy Secondary School Alumni Reunion and Fund Raising dinner, he had told me about alot of the value he had already created, where he got alot of the members to donate money for an ailing member, to help pay house rents, advertise businesses, job creation and with the support of Accenture and Muritala Mohammed foundation he was also able to do an ICT project in the school. 

He finally was able to do his schools reunion in 2012 for all sets and He had also launched the Naija skl Connect platform on thesame year. Although i was a little skeptical about all his achievements until he asked that i take a plaque to his school in 2014 as he was busy and he couldn't get any one else to go to the school to present the plaque to the school authorities. 

They requested that he brought it to the school at the passing out parade of the present set and to come make a speech for the inauguration of the centre. On the plaque, it was written, " ICT centre Lab equipped by 99 set in partnership with Accenture Nig and Murtitala Mohammed foundation, Powered by Naija Skl Connect". I was amazed at the accolade i was given in a military school I never attended upon the delivery of the plaque, I was only the bearer of the plaque and I was given such ovation. I was moved by his accomplishments and that he practically acomplished must of the things he did online while in another State was truly amazing

The following year in 2015, I had suggested to my set members to try out what Naija SKL Connect had done and I was willing to consult the CEO since I had seen the results.

That year, a Social media group was created and gradutes of the 1999/2000 set from all over the world were added to the group.

Variuous discussions took place on the platform and i had further consulted with the CEO, Naija Skl Connect were he taught me how to go about raising funds, Human resource management, Project management and Stake holder management and how to go about Liasing with the school in order to intervene in their areas of need.

This further prompted a mini re-union get together on d 24th of December 2015 Held at Elegushi Beach, Lekki, Lagos state.The outcome of the beach party was that we plan a proper reunion in the following year of 2016, since our set never had a valedictory service.

An online 13 man Committee was setup to undertake the planning of all activities. we futher agreed on the corporate social responsibility project to be executed at the college after due consultation with the school

A team had made a reconnaissance visit to the college in February 2015 to assess the projects the college required in terms of priority as they wanted so many things.

We were given a list by the principal as well as House Masters and further interacted with the students of the College to assess the areas we were likely to intervene.

We had contributed collectively towards the reunion dinner and CSR project

The projects were executed in June 2016 which included the provision of

1) Bore Hole, 

2) 100nos of seats and tables.

3) 20 wall fans

4) For the sick bay we had installed; 10 ceiling fans, water closet for the sick bay and magnetic mosquitoe net amongsts other items.

5) Teachers were also rewarded with certificates of Excellence and cash award.

Some outcomes of coming together to form this Group included 

1) The re-integration of members after 16 years, which lead to a marrriage within the Course of the year 2016, 

2)Also based on the CSR project we did at the school, the government of Lagos state invited the Alumni set to be friends and partners of the Lagos state Government.

3) Many business deals were facilitated by this reunion which spread across different sectors, real estate, Info Tech, Travel and tourism, Oil and Gas, Banking, Fashion industry etc.

4) The Group had its grand Buffete style reunion dinner on the 24th of December 2016.
Curently, plans are on going in consultation with Naija Skl Connect for 2017 framework.

It is no doubt that Nigerian can become a great country with platforms like Naija Skl  Connect. It has really changed my life and the life of so many others, all thanks to the CEO Naija SkL Connect, Mr Femi Akanji, My friend, My brother. God bless you.

Part of his wishes is that Mark Zuckerberg sees this post and have a seat down with him for him to discuss how he can be of assistance to the program.

He also wants all the Alumni association in Nigeria to join his platform also. So tell all your friends to Join Naija Skl Connect for a life changing experience 

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Thank you for reading.
Idris Funmilayo,
For : LSMCI Class of 2000