Kenyan Couple Ends Quarrel By Committing Suicide, Leaves Behind A Note Requesting To Be Buried Together

Residents of the Githurai 44 area in Nairobi, Kenya were left in shock after the bodies of a man and his wife were found hanging from ropes in their one-room apartment house.

Shocked neighbours said even though the couple had been experiencing domestic problems, they did not expect their differences to end in deaths.

According to reports, Esther Muthoni took her life first and few hours later, her husband
Simon Maina Kiarie, killed himself. Simon had called his brother to inform him that his wife had committed suicide and that he needed to rush to the house immediately.

"After calling his brother he committed suicide, by the time his brother arrived at the house, he found his body hanging next to that of the wife," Kiambu OCPD Duncan Ngutu said.

Preliminary investigations  by police reveals that 38-year-old Simon Maina may have killed his estranged wife Esther Muthoni,41, before taking his own life in what he may have planned to pass off as double suicide to the surprise of many.

However, in a suicide note found in the house, the two said they should be buried together. The note also indicated the two wanted their parents to take care of their two children.