Forget About Planking or Ice bucket. The Internet Has A New Opportunity For You To Achieve Viral Fame With The Mannequin Challenge

In case you haven’t noticed what is currently breaking the internet and this time it is not Kim Kardashian but a new trend called the “Mannequin Challenge” yup! #MannequinChallenge

This is how it is done - participants freeze mid-action while someone films the group, and if you are feeling up for it, put it all to the tune of Rae Sremmurd "Black Beatles" or another jam/song and right when the song drops, you would expect everyone to go crazy dancing but instead, these people remain standing as still as statues with hilarious and impressive poses.

Check out Michelle, Kelly and Beyonce Mannequin Challenge:

It’s being debated as to who started up the mannequin challenge, some say it was America rapper, 2Chainz on his song released November 3rd 2016 but probably shot the video way back. Others are saying Students in high schools across America started the latest video challenge and now gradually picking up steam days later after what seems to be the first #mannequinchallenge video dated October 26th.

Here my favorite:

Whatever maybe the case, the internet has a new opportunity for you to achieve viral fame with the "mannequin challenge."