Agriculture: Nigeria Lures South African Investors

Nigeria’s Consul-General in South Africa, Ambassador Uche Ajulu-Okeke, has disclosed sidelines of the visit of the Premier of South Africa’s North-West Province, Supra Mahulapelo, on a telephone conversation. 

She said the visit was aimed at partnering with the province on President Buhari`s agricultural intervention funds programme.  Ajulu-Okeke said: “The aim of the visit is to strengthen bilateral relations in the area of agriculture between Nigeria and the North-West Province.

“It is also aimed at promoting the capacity of Africa to feed itself, especially Nigeria. The North-West Province is South Africa’s food basket.”
She said a team comprising Nigerian and South African officials will visit two states in Nigeria to work out the modalities of the engagement.

The ambassador said the Province would give the states the capacity to boost food production through the President`s intervention programme.
Mahulapelo said: “The ambassador’s visit is as a result of the interaction initiated by her office and the province through our Department of Agriculture.

“We want to expose Nigerians interested in agriculture to our experience, capabilities, programmes, partners, so that we can work together.
“The North-West Province and Nigeria, through the ambassador, will work together to strengthen our relationship.”

The premier said the province would assist Nigeria in poultry production, imparting general farming skills, skills development in youth training in horticultural experts.

He said: “The aim is to grow our economies and create jobs for Nigerians and South Africans.”