Why Husbands Die First By Pastor Iyke

To balance my topic, dying first or last might be relative when one considers lifestyle, geography, location or culture. 

So I do not write on the basis of established authority or finality as it concerns who dies first between a wife (women) and a husband (men). 

I write on the basis of my own observations which I strongly believe resonates with a lot of people in the African continent or even the entire world. 

Men die young because of many things, but the one I want to address now is #LACK_OF_EXPRESSION 

Expression is a secret to long life. 
God created life in such a way that expressions detoxify the body. 
When a man drinks, there has to be an expression, if not, his legs and other parts of his body would begin to swell. 

When a man eats, expression is important if not, the waste of that food, that is meant to be expressed, would waste the man if nothing is done about it. 

Now, if the natural medium of expression is faulty, medical practice  has introduced what they call catheters, dialysis, etc which are devices that help a man to express out. 

Now, the physical explains the spiritual. 
What is true to your physical health is also true to your spiritual well being. 

Internally speaking, men do not express the waste of all that comes to them 
• Emotionally, 
• Psychologically, 
• Spiritually, 
• Career-wise or 
• Family. 

Now, if there is anything that annoys me the most, it is the fact that my father, The Late Elder Lazarus Odibenma Onwumere is not here to see what his sons and daughters have become. 

When I look around and take census, I see many people whose fathers have also gone to be with the Lord. 

Call out 100 people, in a random sampling analysis and it will confirm that what I write is true pertaining to the fact that out of those hundred families, more mothers might still be here compared to fathers who had gone to be with their maker.

The question is #HOW_DO_WOMEN_SURVIVE? 
The answer is very simple. 
They are #Extremely_Expressional! 

By their many expressions, they free their hearts and minds of loads, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, hatred, etc.

But a man will be acting like #The_Man, 
acting up thick skin, 
claiming that #NOTHING_DEY_HAPPEN, 
yet dying inside.Internalising things not knowing that #internalisation is the doorway to #eternity. 

The Women do not internalise, they express it all out. 
Women express.....
~• When they #Nag (#Not_Endorsing_Nagging)
~• When they #Cry
~• When they #Fight
~• When they #Complain 
~• When they #Report 
~• When they #Pray

Should men now begin to do like women? 

That's not what I am implying. 
This is my submission, that men must not carry things in their heart or mind without finding a solid medium of expression. 

A) Running away from your home is not an expression at all, because right there where you ran to, your heart is still disturbed. 
You think about your children, 
You think even about the woman you are running from. 

B) #Drinking and #Smoking away your sorrows amounts to drinking and smoking away your #LIFE! 
It's double tragedy because now you have introduced #alcohol and #tobacco to the heaviness of your heart thereby #fast_tracking your #death. 

C) Beating the hell out of your wife, is worst because if she gets admitted in the hospital, you are the one to pay and yet again be disturbed. 
You are the one that will look like a fool before people for beating your wife. 
And if you have seen where the Bible says that hating (hitting) your wife is hating (hitting) yourself, then you will 'wisen' up. 

Guys, Most of the things we do and call expressions are actually the reason we die faster. 
They didn't help in the time past and they are still not helping now! 
Haven't we not heard the stories of men who drove out of the house with anger only to meet their death in a auto crash? 

So men, here is my conclusion, 

Don't overload or overburden your heart with issues. Cast #ALL your cares on HIM for He careth for you. (1Peter5:7)

Please don't cast some cares. #Cast_ALL! 

>> Cast your wife and her multiple nagging personality on HIM.

>> Cast the bills on HIM.

>> Cast the admission and tuition fees on Him.

>> Cast the accommodation rent on Him.

>> Cast the attack in your career on Him.

>> Cast the health condition on Him. 

>> Cast the marginalisation and racism on Him.

>> Cast the gang up and conspiracy on Him.

>> Cast the vacation responsibilities and obligations on Him.

>> Cast the building and other projects on Him 


1. Because HE CARES!!!! 
2. Because you are a limited resource while HE IS LIMITLESS. 
3. Because that is the best way to express. 
4. Because He cannot deny or disappoint you. 
5. Because He loves to Help. 
6. Because He wants you alive. Me too! 

And finally
7. Because our children want us there, when they become all that God has ordained for them to be.

Our daughters want us to match them down the aisles and give them out in marriage. 

They want so desperately to have that father/daughter dance on their wedding day.

Our sons would love to get away with us when they are stable to overseas and give us a treat of our lives. 

O boy! I do not plan to miss any of the above mentioned, so I am gonna #CAST_ALL_MY_CARES_ON_HIM and enjoy HIS OWN SUPERIOR FATHERHOOD responsibilities of keeping, preserving, protecting, blessing me and mine. 

What do you think? 
Is that a nice decision? 
What of you? 
How do you decide? 

God bless you for reading and sorry for making it lengthy. 
If this blessed you please 
#Comment &

Let us save some men together and help them live very long and healthy lives even as they express all their burdens to GOD.


Pastor Iyke is the senior pastor at House on the Rock Church, Benin, Edo State.


  1. This is deeply appreciated and is highly recommended for all husbands and the women who love them.


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