Good News For All Teachers in Nigeria As Educator and TeacherLola Blog Owner Funmilola Adeniran Rebrands

Funmilola Adeniran
The favourite blog for teachers is bigger and better and is up and running under the new name The first-of-its-kind blog, and one of the few Nigerian teacher blogs, designed to be a resource for all stakeholders in education- teachers, parents, and schools is your best bet for reading companionship. The platform seeks and presents success stories of what is working in the Nigerian educational system and critiquing what is not; it is an avenue to celebrate and profile teachers who are outstanding, and a means of sharing ideas and techniques to boost and reach educational goals.

“One of the reasons for rebranding the blog” says Lola Adeniran “is to make the name shorter and easier to remember, so visitors can always find their way back effortlessly. “The content will also now take a holistic look at the educational sector rather than just resources
and ideas for teachers.  It’s a place where our audience—and, really, anyone interested in the Nigerian educational industry—can turn for in-depth information on how to contribute and make a difference in their own way.   Everyone can share ideas about what is working and rub minds on how to move the educational sector forward so I encourage readers to comment and leave feedback every time they visit. ”

Lola went ahead to say that “a teaching blog is a unique and refreshing deviation from the norm; blogging is not all about gossips and peddling news however fake or genuine. Blogging is a powerful tool for making a difference in whatever niche you decide to carve for yourself from any corner of the world with something as ordinary as a phone. We need more Nigerian teacher-bloggers.”

About the Blogger:

Funmilola Adeniran is an educator wearing many hats. For her, teaching is not a just a profession, it is her life’s calling. She discovered this passion during her National Youth Service days, and has since moved on at great speed. She is very passionate about the educational system of Nigeria and believes that it will get better by and by so rather than sit back and blame the government for what is not working, she decided to  contribute her bit by using the technological tool of a blog as a platform to gather resources and share ideas with other educators.

Funmilola  is a  teacherpreneur and the convener of The Millionaire Teacher, a platform for empowering teachers to evolve and expand their influence beyond the four walls of the classroom. She championed the cause with a free WhatsApp class on WHY teachers should blog and HOW a blog can transform the teacher’s career.   She  encourages teachers to stop complaining about their pay because no matter how much they are paid it can never be commensurate with the work they do. She is currently running a writing competition tagged “Why I plan to Remain a Teacher” to encourage teachers to reflect and chronicle their love for teaching in an essay.