Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg Visits Lagos Meets with Rosemary Njoku Who Sells Facebook Express Wi-Fi

Last time we saw him was with the pope in Vatican city. Today Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is in Nigeria in the city of Lagos. His first stop was Co-creation Hub Nigeria(CcHUB) in Yaba.

It is a known fact that Mark's customers in Nigeria are raking mad cash for him in the densely populated black nation of the world. Faithbook being one of the young CEO's cash cow.

Meeting Rosemary Njoku for the first time, this is what Mr Zuckerberg has to say:

This is Rosemary Njoku. I just met Rosemary at the Facebook Express Wi-Fi stand she runs in Lagos. 

Express Wi-Fi empowers entrepreneurs to build a business by providing their community with access to the internet. Facebook designed the technology, and local internet providers add the connectivity. Express Wi-Fi is part of our Internet.org initiative.

Rosemary already had a business before she also started selling Express Wi-Fi as well, but she told me she now has 3,000 customers and makes much more money from Express Wi-Fi. She's a great example of how local entrepreneurs spread internet access around the world.

This week, we're launching a satellite into space to enable more entrepreneurs across Africa to sell Express Wi-Fi and more people to access reliable internet. That means more connectivity and more opportunity for entrepreneurs like Rosemary everywhere.