Brussels crime lab Attack: Five Arrested for Deliberately Trying to Destroy Forensic Evidence

Yesterday, attackers rammed a car through the gates of Belgium's national crime laboratory in Brussels and then started a fire in which many say may have been an attempt to destroy evidence.

Five people were arrested and are being questioned, but there is no confirmed link to terrorism so far.

According to No one was injured in the fire or by a large explosion which shook houses nearby, the city's prosecutors said.

"Several attackers forced their way into the institute using their car and were able to attack the building," said Ine Van Wymersch, a spokesman for the Brussels prosecutor's office.

"The possibility of a terrorist act is not confirmed. It goes without saying that several individuals may have wanted to destroy evidence related to their legal cases."

The institute is part of Belgium's federal justice system.

Among its tasks is to carry out scientific analyses linked to criminal cases and to study the functioning of the penal system.