It Is Unacceptable and Irresponsible Act Of Today’s Turkish Administration To Accuse The Hizmet Movement and Fethullah Gulen of Being Involved in the Military Attempt in Turkey Says UFUK Dialogue Spokesman, Cemal Yigit

This statement was made by UFUK Spokesperson Cemil Yigit in a dialogue session with a group of social media practitioners which held today in Abuja. The dialogue session had the President UFUK DIALOGUE, Kamil Kemanci brief those present what Hizmet movement under Fethullah Gullen stands for- Education, peaceful dialogue and charity. He went on to state that the movement strongly condemn the attempted military coup that occurred in Turkey on Friday, 15th of July and reiterated that there is no place for military intervention in democracy.

Kamil went further to read out the UFUK Dialogue on developments in Turkey and in quote, stated

"The attempted military coup to overthrow the Turkish Government was an act of
military aggression and injustice"
We have always supported the development of Turkey's democracy despite the increasing antii-democratic practices in recent years"
"UFUK promotes Hizmet Movement (Glen Movement) philosophy which has advocated for, and demonstrated commitment to peace and democracy for more than 40 years. We have consistently denounced military intervention in domestic politics"

"Democracy, rule of law, peaceful coexistence, freedoms and human rights are the core values of Hizmet participants. Thus, UFUK dialogue strongly condemns any attempt to overthrow an elected government by military coup"

"Mr Fethullah Gulen, inspirer of Hizmet Movement, has always advocated for democracy and insisted that "there is no u-turn from democracy" at every stage of life." "As someone who suffered under multiple military coups during past five decades, it is especially insulting to be accused of having any link to such an attempt. I categorically deny such accusations"
"President Erdogan and his close circles' blame on the hizmet movement is very irresponsible and concerning"

"We hope that Turkey will overcome these difficult days and take this sad incident as an opportunity to strengthen its democracy"
"Our hearts and prayers are with all Turkish citizens and for all those in Turkey. We also stand for a free and fair democratic system for all Turkish citizens"

Cemal YIGIT also emphasized that though Gullen is an Islamic cleric, he supports education and it is one of the three driving forces of Hizmet movement to reach out to the needy and under-privileged people, understanding interfaith and intercultural dialogue like that of UFUK DIALOGUE in Nigeria for a mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence. Hizmet Movement is more like "Lets talk the talk and walk the walk mentality." he said.

The motto of UFUK DIALOGUE FOUNDATION is a famous saying of Fethullah Gulen "Reserve in your heart, a seat for everyone", We all are human before our nation, nationality and religion, Cemal concludes. 

Ufuk Dialogue promotes Hizmet Movement in Nigeria. The Hizmet Movement is a non-governmental, non-political, non-violent faith inspired civil society movement focused on promoting education, charity and dialogue.