Find Out More About Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's VP

Hillary Clinton has chosen Tim Kaine as her running mate . Mr. Kaine is a senator and former governor from Virginia, a crucial swing state, with a reputation as a pragmatic consensus builder. But his credentials as a moderate might not energize the Democratic Party's base.

Age: 58
Experience: Mr. Kaine has represented Virginia in the United States Senate since 2013 and was the state's governor from 2006 to 2010. He previously served as the mayor of Richmond.

Childhood: Mr. Kaine grew up in the Kansas City area, The son of an ironworker, he is a
Roman Catholic and spent a year running a technical school founded by Jesuit missionaries in Honduras during a break from college.

Education: He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri and a law degree from Harvard.

Family: Mr. Kaine is married to Anne Holton,Virginia's education secretary. Her father was the governor of Virginia from 1970 to 1974. They have
three children.

How he could help Clinton: Fluent in Spanish, Mr. Kaine could help connect with Hispanic voters. Virginia
is a swing state, and his influence could be helpful there in a close election.

How he could hurt Clinton: More of a moderate, Mr. Kaine might not satisfy the Democratic Party's activist base. His support for trade deals could provide an opening for Donald J. Trump to attack.

Fun fact: Mr. Kaine is a skilled harmonica player.

Post credit: nypost