Please Help Okey Okpara To Walk Again

Okechukwu Okpara
Dear Readers,

Today we tell the story of a young man Mr. Henry Okey Okwara, who has been bedridden for 9 years by a tumor in his spinal cord. This young man has had a failed surgery in India but there is still hope for him, and an America Hospital has reviewed his case and scheduled him for a corrective surgery later in July. Friends and well-wishers have battled with the cost of this surgery and with barely two months short of the schedule, we have decided to go public with this appeal so that the balance of the fund for his surgery can be raised.

All documents connected to this surgery will be provided on request, and a detailed biography of this case below. I know this young man personally and you can verify with all the details provided. #PleaseHelpOkeyToWalkAgain

Dear Sir/Madam
We write to introduce to you Mr. Henry Okey Okwara. He is 39 Years old, male and hails from Imo State. He lives at No 23 Ogunshefunmi Street, Anifowoshe, Ikeja. Among other schools of learning he attended Command Secondary School Abakaliki Ebonyi State, Class of 1995, Lagos state college of education Epe, 1999- 2002 and University of Ado Ekiti, 2002-2005. He is an English Language graduate. He is also married to lovely Mrs. Olayemi Okwara.

In 2007, just 3 months after his wedding, Okey felt some pains in his back. After taking the regular pain reliever the pain persisted . It was later discovered he had a tumor on his spine. Due to stress and pains the growing tumor was beginning to cause, he was advised to have it removed. Being a struggling young man from an average Nigerian Family, finances were gathered and he was taken to India for the operation. Like some untold stories, the surgery was unsuccessful. Okey’s spinal cord was punctured and that error could not be corrected there. He was brought back home paralyzed and unable to breathe without the aid of an oxygen machine. That was 9 years ago. An old friend made some inquiries about his whereabouts and went in search of him. That singular visit brought Okey to the spotlight. More people became aware of the condition he has been living these past years.

However there is still hope for Okey to walk again. A group of friends and old school mates have come together to help him take that step of faith. A hospital in USA , Shephard Center have looked into his medical reports from India and Nigeria and having accessed his current condition through pictures and video recording of him, will be performing a  corrective  surgery and rehabilitation on him  in Atlanta USA.(A video coverage of him is also available on your request). The hospital has sent a letter to the Nigerian Embassy in Lagos requesting for Okey to come over as soon as possible (All documents from the hospital will also be made available on request)

In order to reach our goal, we seek your support financially to enable us help Okechukwu. A breakdown of the cost is listed below and also a copy of the letter from the Center in Atlanta. Please help us in our fight for this cause, as your heart wills through your support.

Okechukwu can be reached on phone on 07069769088

Currently Delta Airline is not displayed for sale.
Due to the dollar issue in Nigeria, we  have checked Air Fare on Air France and klm (to depart Nigeria on Air France and Return with KLM). Ticket type  is valid for 10 months.
1.Medical Fees :$17,100. @ 350naira exchange rate = 5,985,000.00
2.Business Class Fare (AF/KLM) per person - 1,383,931 Naira X 2  =2,767,862.00 (Business Class ticket is necessary because he is on oxygen and would require space and special management)
3. International Passport Renewal @ 35,000 Naira X 2 =70,000.00
4. Current US visa application fee per person 160usd - 31,520 Naira X 2 =63,040.00
5. Accommodation Fee @ 1,500 usd x 6 months (9,000 usd) X 350 (rate of exchange) =3,150,000.00
6. Miscellaneous - feeding, drugs & other possible charges - 3,000 usd X 350 (rate of exchange) =1,050,000.00

TOTAL =N13,085,902.00
Prices are subject to change

Bank Details:

Thank you for your kindness, may the Lord reward you.



  1. Anonymous15.6.16

    Painful! God heal him in Jesus name. Let's donate towards this cause.

  2. chinwe Ibekwe23.10.16

    Please Lets help Okechukwu to walk again. He deserves to stand,walk and run. Nothing is too little. I know some of you are skeptical about stuffs like this buy God knows this is no scam because o can asertain to know Okey,we were school mates in Nigeria.Okey needs our help to walk again,Okey is good brother,husband and friend and he deserves to live. May God bless us all as we open our hearts to helping our brother Okechukwu,AMEN.


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