Nigerians On Twitter Demands #JusticeForBridget An Igbo Woman Murdered In Kano for Blasphemy Against Islam

It pains me to report stories such as this. 
The gruesome killing of Bridget Patience Agbaheme, an Igbo woman in Kano after wrongfully being accused by angry youth of insulting their Holy Prophet when she asked them not to pray in front of her shop.

Report on Friday evening stated she was beheaded over the said allegations leveled against her that is, blasphemy on Prophet Muhammad.
The victim who use to sell plastics at the local Wambai market was in the company of her husband when she was killed.
Nigerians went on twitter to demand justice for the brutal killing of a fellow Nigerian while condemning the act by her killers who claimed they did it according to their religious injunction.
No one has any right to take a life. A few who don’t share same view went ahead to try to justify her killing as rightly done because their religion say so.
Read what a certain Hassan Mahmoud wrote after the cut