Meet Beautiful Onyinye Anikwata The Aspiring Author of The Drama ‘A Welcome Stranger’

Onyinyechi Anikwata would stun you with her beauty and while you are busy trying to classify her as a model, she will introduce herself as a writer and when you read her book, the artistic beauty of her literary work will captivate you.

Her debut publication is a drama titled ‘A Welcome Stranger’. Her literary ingenuity is such that nearly every statement and every action in the book has a symbolic significance. Once a reader starts reading, they would not stop until they read to the end. Many readers have called the writer to request that she writer a sequence with the title ‘A Welcome Stranger, Part Two’

She described ‘A Welcome Stranger’ as:
‘...a classic play which uses subtle dialogues, lucid imagery and historical setting to address the contemporary issues of Nigeria and other African countries. Rhetorically asking the question, ‘If we have finished learning from history, why are we still repeating the mistakes of the past?’’

Though the book was set in the past, prior to colonial era, its relevance lies in its reflection of the contemporary era. One of the most favourite quotes in the book is in page 83, when the Whiteman after converting the people to Christianity said:
‘In no man’s soul is the believe in religion of equal standard with the believe in science: he must be more inclined to one and less inclined to the other, therefore, these people are going to be more profitable than the Indians; the Indians accepted our knowledge of science and neglect our religion but the Africans accepted our religion and therefore would neglect our knowledge of science.’   

One can see that the quote alone has a lot of informative ideas which our present society can learn from. This is how the educative value of the book spread from one statement to another and from one scene to another.

A welcome Stranger is available in bookshops nationwide and online at 

About The Author
 Onyinyechi Anikwata  is Agulu in Anaocha local government Area of Anambra state. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree from Department of English language and literature, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka.

A Welcome Stranger is a classic play which uses subtle dialogues, lucid imagery and historical setting to address contemporary issues of Nigeria and other African countries.  It explores material exploitation, love, greed and over ambitiousness etc.
The play also appreciates our culture, tradition and the need to value that we have so that we won't repeat the mistakes of the past.