NIGERIA REBIRTH LABOUR ROOM Reality TV Show: Paying The Price to Deliver A Super Nation

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Imagine a Television Reality Show that can create direct and indirect employment for over 200 thousand Nigerian youths and stimulate an Economic Revolution that will usher in a new generation of Nigerian Multi-million Naira Entrepreneurs. House mates from all the 36 states and the FCT will Uncover, promote and Project New economic Potentials in their states from the Local Government areas especially. As the Nigeria Rebirth Project team travels round the world and the 36 states, they travel with the Economic blue Print of this Show.

For sixty days,  over 60 Million Nigerians and the world will watch as a TV Reality show will
house some of the Best Minds in Nigeria who will pay the price in the Labour room of life to deliver a new super Nation. Welcome to the   Future, Welcome to the Labour Room where Nations are Born.

The ‘LABOUR ROOM’ is the first National development reality television show in Africa, strategically designed by the Nigeria Rebirth Project to activate the true super nation potentials of Nigerians.

Thoroughly selected Nigerian Youths at Home and in Diaspora from different Ethnicities, Religious, Political and Social divides will be subjected to the confines of a ten Room Mansion in a secret location for 60 days.

They will be confronted by the harsh realities of living with a stranger from a complexly different background but they must work together to solve real life issues confronting Nigeria and Africa like Unemployment, Leadership, conflicts and the challenges and  promises  of the Future. Every housemate stands the risk of an eviction majorly supported by the TV audience if they cannot break through the limitations of the several differences other housemates bring to the house.

They will be watched and scrutinized daily by a cumulative television audience of about sixty-million (60million) people across the world. Some of the Special Television audience that will watch the 60days Labour Room Reality Show include, 48 African and world Leaders, 36 Governors of Nigeria and the FCT Minister,114 Religious leaders, Captains of Industries and other key players in the development process of Nigeria and Africa at large.
The last four housemates will emerge winners of the Labour Room Show and will be backing home a $1m Seed Capital for a Local content driven Company. However, among the four winners there will be a first, second , third and fourth category with each winning personalized prizes including a made in Nigeria  Brand new Jeep.

The Labour Room Reality TV show has the genre based on reality that will focus on National Development. The programme basically is designed to attract viewers from across Africa and other continents because of its uniqueness which will showcase and infuse cultural differences and eventually provide a Nationalistic outlook.

The show is planned to have a very contemporary design that encapsulates modern standards in television programme production.
It is styled to have a set that includes and displays made in Nigeria products, Nigerian brands, heroes, a reflection of our heritage and our past leaders branded in and around the mansion. Viewers will be able to interact with the show through SMS and social media platforms.

Interested Contestants will begin their quest for National greatness by filling a Labour Room Contestant form and Write a short Essay that will be appraised by a panel.
To get the form, the Contestants will buy a Nigeria Rebirth 4 litters Palm Oil and a Nigeria Rebirth Labour Room T –Shirt for N3,500 [Three thousand five Hundred Naira only].Payments will be at any FCMB BANK in Nigeria [NIGERIA REBIRTH PROJECT-3573699029] . 

State Coordinators will be appointed for each state. The coordinators will manage the Registration Process across the state before the zonal audition. The coordinators numbers and details will be published on this sight as soon as registration fully opens. Meanwhile interested Participant should text Labour Room to 08020321683 to begin the process.
The Final Selected Housemates will be screened and trained for one week before the Show commences in the 1st of July 2016.

Welcome to the Labour Room of Life where Super Nations are born- dare to pay the Price!