Late Michael Jackson's Father, Joe Jackson Hospitalized

Late Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson has been hospitalized as doctors battle to figure out what is troubling the 87-year-old.

A source hinted Us Weekly about his recent admission into a hospital following a check-up at his doctor's office.

"He wasn’t feeling well over the weekend and last week and he was very sick, so they made
an appointment for him to see his doctor and the doctor admitted him to the hospital," the source tells Us Weekly. "They couldn’t really pinpoint what was wrong with him. He had an extremely high fever."

He previously suffered a stroke while celebrating his 87th birthday last year in Brazil and doctors feared he'd suffered another stroke.

"When he went into the hospital they weren't sure which way it would go," the source says, adding that Joe's condition has now been stabilized. His wife, Katherine Jackson as well as some of his children and grandchildren have visited the Jackson family patriarch in the hospital, the insider adds.