“I Am Daddy’s Girl Again” As Beyonce Reconciles With Dad

A lot of Beyhives has been questioning if this moment will ever happen.

TMZ reports it this way: “Beyonce made it crystal clear what was strongly insinuated in her latest music video ... she's reestablished relations with her dad.”

Tina Knowles was said to have posted the above photo of Beyonce leaning on her
father Mathew Knowles' shoulder at her May 7th Houston concert.

The two had a major falling out after she dropped him as her manager back in 2011. Mathew also had a baby out of wedlock which did not help any form of reconciliation between the two at that time and led to his wife, Tina divorcing him.

The signs of reconciliation was seen when Mathew made a cameo with Blue Ivy in Beyonce's "Lemonade" video.

Happy for them.