EgptAir Enroute To Cairo Disappears From Radar

EgyptAir flight with 66 passengers and crew, leaving from Paris to Cairo yesterday, Wednesday, May 18, vanished from radar across the Mediterranean Sea with the believe that it might have come down in the water.

A search is ongoing to find the missing Airbus A320. The Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail stated that it was too soon to rule out any explanation, including terrorism.

The airline officials believe the jet crashed into the Mediterranean, off the coast of Greece.
It is not known whether the reason for disappearance is technical failure or sabotage

“The plane sent an emergency signal two hours after it disappeared from radar screens” says EgyptAir

The plane was said to be carrying 56 passengers and 10 crew, of which 30 were Egyptian and 15 were French. However, there was one each from the UK, Belgium, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Chad, Portugal, Algeria and Canada.

Egyptian Prime Minister was heard telling reporters at Cairo airport “We cannot exclude anything at this time or confirm anything. All the search operations must be concluded so we can know the cause” "Search operations are ongoing at this time for the airplane in the area where it is believed to have lost contact."

We will bring you updates as the story develops