Buhari Poll Rating Moves Slightly Higher in April By 31.7% compared to March

According to Vanguardngr, Nigerians have expressed concerns over President Muhammadu Buhari’s “broken campaign promises”, his handling of Nigeria’s fuel crisis and economy, but the president’s overall approval rating for the month of April rose slightly to 31.7 per cent, from 31.2 per cent in March, a new poll says.

Governance Advancement Initiative for Nigeria, GAIN, who carries out this monthly survey, says while respondents gave slightly higher positive outlook on economy and jobs, 71 per
cent of respondents wanted the government to provide investments in the agricultural sector.

A majority of 55 per cent approved of Mr. Buhari’s foreign trips, which the government says is meant to attract investments. The positive approval rating they say is the first since January.

GAIN started its poll in December, 2015, tracking performance of governments at all levels in Nigeria. In earlier months, the poll found that majority of respondents blamed former President Goodluck Jonathan, not Mr. Buhari, for Nigeria’s poor economy.

In March, the poll said more respondents blamed Mr. Buhari for not turning the economy around. “April has been an eventful month. Although the fuel scarcity problem has started to ease, the power sector continues to struggle, largely due to the vandalism of pipelines,” said GAIN, jointly coordinated by Malcolm Fabiyi, a former visiting professor at the Lagos Business School, and Adeleke Otunuga, a management consultant.

The poll said respondents rated the Information Minister, Lai Mohammed, as top performing minister, replacing Agriculture Minister Audu Ogbeh who was at that spot in March.