Attempted Abduction to Possibly Murder on Monsodi Lawrence Life by A Retired Chief Of Naval Staff

One Monsodi Lawrence claims one retired chief of naval staff  Usman Oyibe Jibrin, His wife, His Detailed personnel Moses Kembi, Ali Abdulsallam, Okon JJ unknown armed naval officer, one Dauda, other  naval officers on plain clothes planned an attack on his life. Read the mail I received from him for detailed story

Precisely on the 4th of April 2016  the wife of former chief of naval staff Mrs  Usman Oyibe Jibrin  threatened to send her stooges after me to deal with me, these threats were issued after I put a call to her concerning my piece of land, with  the description: Plot no. 96 of about 1500m2 at Gbazango Extension scheme Kubwa , which she & her husband Admiral  Usman Oyibe Jibrin asked their boys to fence without my knowledge & permission. 

Immediately after her threats one naval officer Ali Abdulsallam started sending me empty text messages & every attempt to get him to pick my calls failed. later on one Dauda called me & threaded that he will get me that night.  On the 8th April 2016 at about 1pm I received a call from my supervisor that some officers who refused to divulge their identity has stopped work at my site & threatened to hand cuff workers & carry them away. 

Coincidentally the number my supervisor sent turned out to be the phone number of naval officer Ali Abdulsallam who's being sending me empty text messages, Ali Abdulsallam kept insisting that I should come to the site with my land  documents despite my asking that we meet before a relevant authority , he kept insisting I come to the property with my document ,i eventually agreed to meet with them at the site after I had laid an official complaint  at Kubwa divisionall police station & police  patrol team dispatched to accompany me to the site & invite  them to the station. 

After inspector Sunday heard both parties he said we should all wait for his Superior  officer , while we were waiting I remember that my car was unlock & that I had some valuable documents, i left to be sure that they were still intact, as soon as I started  approaching my car, I noticed naval officer Okon JJ .whispering  something into the ear of an Armed naval officer , who started  closing in on me, he then cut up with me while  I was seated in my car & because the car parked at my right hand side was too close to mine he couldn't come into the car. With his gun pointed at me he commanded me to drive out gently or else he'll shoot me. As soon as I reversed the car he started shooting at me at random & in that panic stricken state I drove off but couldn't make a good distance because the bullets had deflated my front right tire, & damaged my car engine . 

I was dragged out of my car by  some plain clothes naval men who started beating me & later on the detailed personnel to retired chief of naval staff Jibril Usman Oyibe Jibrin Moses Kembi, officer Ali Abdulsallam , Okon JJ & their Lawyer joined them in beating me & subsequently forced me into their Lawyer's car. However at the entrance of their staff quarters , while contemplating on what to do to me a call came in from the area commander via my supervisor's phone & commanded to bring me back to the station .At this point the detailed personnel to retired chief of naval staff, Moses Kembi asked the  gun man to alight  & enter into their quarters & remain there.With the other naval offices dispersed, the detailed personnel, Moses Kembil & the acclaimed lawyer then took me back to the police station. 

At the station, the acclaimed  lawyer's was obtained under caution  but Moses Kembi refused to give statement to the police on the ground that he was a naval officer  & was detained by the police.  After statements were obtained from me & my car towed to the station,  looking at my condition, I was asked by the police to go to the hospital for treatment.In spite of the pain incurred from the beating and the trauma of the gun shots, I couldn't make it to hospital until the next day,  Presently I am receiving treatment at the federal medical centre jabi Abuja.

The Police released their lawyer after taking his statement, however the Detailed personnel to the former chief of naval staff Usman Oyibe Jibrin, Moses kenbi refuse to give his statement to the police & was detained. I later found out that Moses Kembi was no longer in their custody, when and who he was released I can not tell. Consequent to the petition written by my lawyer to the present naval chief of staff, their Provost on the 14th April 2016 sent a naval officer  to Area command Kubwa to ascertain rhe genuineness of our allegation .
The police is yet to invite the former chief of naval staff and his wife, naval officer Ali Abdulsallam ,naval officer  Okon JJ and Moses Kembi is yet to produce the gunman. From the attitude of the police I perceive conspiracy, which explains why they have halt investigation and are desperately urging me to meet  with Jibrrin''s Lawyer to discuss the settlement of my bullet ridden car. it is obvious that they are determined on destroying available  evidence. I suspect that the police has been induce to make this case less grevious . simply put Sir the  police is subtly  coerceing me to settle.

It will interest every one to know that after I discovered the encroachment on my property, I wrote a complaint to the director Development Control, Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, on 16th of October 2915,  intimating them of the trespass. Consequently , the afore described property was marked by the Kubwa District Office  and notice served on same day being 18th of November 2015 . in the course of my private investigation Officer Okon JJ, who happen to be the manager of the Jibrrins hotel situate at Gbazango Kubwa confirmed the receipt of the notice served by Kubwa District Office demanding for the Jubrins tittle documents. 

And I asked him why they didn't respond Okon JJ could not give any coherent reason for the contempt. Six days after the murder/abduction failed being  the 14th of April 2016, the District Office again marked for demolition and a second notice served still demanding for their tittle documents. It will interest everyone to know that rather than ignoring the notice as usual which would have been more honorable, their Lawyer Ikemefuna Mojume through a means which he only can tell, got hold of the copy of the petition I wrote to EFCC informing the authority of my suspicion (that I fear that my original land papers entittling Plot no. 96 of about 1500m2 at Gbazango Extension Scheme Kubwa to me has been cloned,  imploying the commission to invite the Jibrrins and one Dauda to explain their source and submit their land papers to enable the commission send both our documents to the relevant authority for authentication). 

This barrister Ikemefuna Mojume pride stunningly brought out before my lawyer,my  humble self and two others. Worthy of note is that as at this time my petition was yet to be approved by the EFCC. Barrister Ikemefuna Mojume tauntingly told my lawyer to advice me to quickly accept whatever  they decide to offer me or else it will be big man talk to big man and the matter will be swept under the carpet, that my pitching against his team is like an ant challenging an elephant to a fight. Although I have received my life back in a figure through Gods intervention yet I and every member of my household are daily  living in fears not knowing what their next move against me will be.

I am using this medium to ask all that reads this article to join me to  pray the  Police to do their duty without fear or favor.  Police protection is one  of my human rights among others. 

08032672815 Moses kembi detailed personel to the retired chief of staff  Usman Oyibe Jubrin .

08033729801 bar ikemefuna mojume. 

08176475467, 08134989551Okon JJ. Usman Oyibe Jibrin 

08030776366, mrs  lami Jribrin 08104396115

Witnesses:  Suleiman 08024429880, Chistopher 08069591258 

Wittness : Osita Nigel 08183652865, Ochie 09083996675

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