Naijacynth: Weekend Special

Lovely colour combo.. Yoruba brides. 🌼 

Our wedding extravaganza. Let's take a look at some pictures from events. Enjoy! 

Something different.. Wedding gown with gele.. Cool!? 💝 

Bridesmaids.. Lovely photo background. 🌼 

Flowergirls... Something different. Cool!? 💝 

FAB!.. Look glam in events. 🌼 

Lovely dress.. It will go for reception gown or for events. 🌼 

Royale.. Lovely. 🌼 

Lovely gown.. Events ✔. 

Yoruba bride.. Outfit ideas 💡 

Wearing the unusual.. Bridesmaids. Cool!? 💝 

Lovely wedding gown. 🌼 

Been long i saw those.. Dapper. 🌼  

Wedding Guest.. Outfit ideas 💡. 

Let me know what you think.. Let's do this again, same time next week... Cheers!. 🌼