TECNO Mobile Stepped It Up A Great Deal: The BOOM J8 -- Hands-on And First Impressions

The TECNO Boom J8: Hands-on and  first impressions as reviewed by DrKhalidz

So since the news of the launch of the TECNO Boom J8, have been excitedly waiting as i could only imagine what TECNO MOBILE has in store this time. The preceding device, the TECNO Boom J7 was quite an impressive piece. As a matter of fact, that’s actually when I started falling in love with the TECNO Mobile brand. First things first, the TECNO Boom J8 has been tagged the “Next Generation Music Phone” -- so we already have an idea of what to expect. BOOOMMM!!

Next Gen Music Phone
Strong Battery Life
Smooth HiOS Software
Beautiful Body Design
Amazing Camera

Plastic Back Cover
The HiOS UI Can Get Better

So let’s keep it rolling, and you may know that i am not particularly a gadget reviewer but i just love to share my impressions about great brands and products.. *winks*

Next Generation Music Phone:

The TECNO Boom J8 looks very elegant with the phone speakers sitting at the bottom. The six magnetic high performance speakers guarantees users an amazing musical experience. To make this experience even better, the BOOM J8 comes with a pair of the BOOM Headphones. Now this headphone has an impedence of 32omhs with a sensitivity of around 111 decibels which means they are almost just as loud as a premium headphone.
Of course, you also have the TECNO Boom Player and this about the best music app that allows you to play your local music from your device, stream and download your favorite songs using earned points. The BOOM Player also keeps you up to date with your favorite artiste and also opens you up to a vast option of musical genre.

Battery Life: 

Now, this is the part where I score phones major point. With the fact that the TECNO Boom J8 comes with its own unique HiOS user interface; it promises an improved App management with a highly optimized software feature leading to a 'really really' great BATTERY LIFE.  The battery is a non-removable 3000maH and depending on how you use it -- if you manage your running apps properly, then this could just be your best phone yet, battery-wise.

Body Design and Display:

Most will want to call this an iPhone look-alike but i personally think its an improvement from TECNO MOBILE. The ultra thin metallic edge which makes the BOOM J8 really cool gives you a classy feel. On top of the phone to the left corner is the headphone plug and below between the speakers is the USB Port. And by the right side of the phone are the volume and power buttons sitting properly with a sleek and comfortable feel. Now, that’s a turn on for me right there.

The Boom J8 has a Display of 5.5” HD IPS Touch screen with a resolution of 1280x720. In comparison with other 720p display, the viewing Is quite awesome.

Amazing Camera Quality:

 You will be absolutely wrong if you think the BOOM J8 quality ends on the Musical experience. Actually, i thought so too but not until i used the camera. The back camera particularly is in a close competition with that of the flagship device, the TECNO Phantom 5.

The back camera boasts of a 13MP with flash and the front, a 5MP with flash and this guys produce a very beautiful and stunning picture quality. I know for sure, scenery pictures on the BOOM J8 will be great!
captured with the Front Camera

Smooth HiOS Software:

 So my excitement wasn’t just about the news of the release of the TECNO Boom J8, it was also of the HiOS UI! Now, I knew for a fact that this will provide some unique privileges and so far it hasn’t disappointed me. This part is where TECNO MOBILE deserves a pat on the back for this feat. Though i expect certain improvements.

The HiOS provides the opportunity to choose your preferred interface theme including the lock-screen. You can also select font styles to suit you making you generally enjoy the interface of your phone. Most interestingly, the HiOS also has this Power management feature that extends your battery life by a great deal.

The BOOM J8 retails at a Recommended Price of N41,000 and its available online and in stores near you. So guys, you all would be hearing from me again but until then, let me know what you think.

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  1. Just keep falling more in love with this masterpiece from Tecno.

  2. I just keep falling in love with this masterpiece from Tecno. Wouldn't mind a change of phone.

  3. This is a great masterpiece from Tecno.

  4. Anonymous13.4.16

    TECNO sha... i kukuma love this one too..

  5. Barakat O.13.4.16

    HiOS? Sounds like Ibadan iOS

    1. LightYearss17.4.16

      Haha you just had to. Wonder why the name tho. coulda bn sleeker but whatever

    2. Pious Okoro18.4.16

      lool. your name self sounds like that of someone from Ibadan

  6. Tecno is doing wonderfully well!

  7. An advance of the boom J7, awesome!

  8. I too believe this phone jarey. wait! you mean a front camera took the picture I'm seeing up there?

  9. Tecno really try with this phone sha!
    That one is non negotiable.

  10. steve25.4.16

    I wish the battery was a bit better than that sha like say 5000mAH. then the phone would have ben too complete for me

  11. strangeiq26.4.16

    An advance of the boom J7, This is really awesome!

  12. its a well advanced move by tecno

  13. its a well advanced move by tecno..

  14. buh the fact that he battery ain't detachable is not really cool


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