Style Inspiration for the week 🌼

Ok.. I think we should skip those shoes.. A black shoes would work perfecto.. 
All the working class in the hope, here is something for you 😄.. In case you don't know what to wear this week, i just put up some styles, you could derive inspiration from.. Enjoy!

She is bold and beautiful... suit perfectly rocked.

Defending on where you work.. Something free with a pump.. Chic! 🌼 

What a beautiful way to rock that dramatic floral shirt 👌

Those pants are trending now.. With some swag.. You are good to go.. 🌼 

Cool way to combine a faded brown pants.  

Depending on where you work, long line blame on denim           

One of my favourite without the blue bag 😄

One word for this outfit... DARING!

Orange.. How sweet.. 🌼 

Back to basics.. Lovely.. 🌼 

For those of you,who like a masculine touch.. Here is an idea. 🌼 

Most work places free style with traditional on fridays.. An idea for you 😄 

Another friday outfit idea.. With or Without the inner shirt. 👌

I won't call her crazy but a risk taker.. 🌼 

That's all for today's Style inspiration.. Hope you got inspired.. Later!