Shocking: This Guy Gets Menstrual Cramps Anytime His Lover Is On Her Period

A 22-year-old man has revealed that his love for his girlfriend is so strong, he gets a 'male period' everytime she is on her monthly menstrual cycle.

George Fellowes who resides in the UK said he went to a doctor to get help when he started having mood swings and stomach cramps whenever his girlfriend, Amber-May Ellis was on her period.

In a surprising turn of events, the doctor did not think Fellowes was a crazy fellow, he actually confirmed that the behaviour was as a result of a psychological connection the young man had with his lover (psych, still a bit cuckoo).

Fellowes, who is a college student at the University of Reading said that he sometimes gets really sick and needs to take time off. According to the doctor, this is a psychological thing because of the strong bond between the two lovers, therefore, they feel the same emotions.

Fellowes further revealed that in the last three months, he has gotten his male period like clockwork every month. He also has the same symptoms as women during their periods, but however does not bleed.

The male period reportedly causes pain in the lower abdomen and groin area. Fellowes is said to get very cranky, very erratic and angry with most of his friends during his 'period'.

We can bet every woman wishes every man could feel this same pain. See, the problem is clear: your man doesn't love you enough.

source: RadarNG