A Must Readd: I THINK AM "HIGH"

For a lot of people, the Thank God Its Friday (TGIF) acronym actually means thank God I can now drink to stupor without getting bothered by any formal obligations. Weekends always come along with slangs like I need to get high", or more often we hear people say I was high, but what is the surreptitious motive behind why most young people want to get high?

Various things may be responsible for the urge to get high but let's concern ourselves more with alcohol.

More often times people (men and women) get indulged in the act of alcoholism, to some they cant do without having at least a bottle or two of alcohol on a daily basis; others boast of taking over a crate (12 bottles) of beer, I was forced to ask one the other day Na hand work but do you blame them?

So what makes one continually want to get high? Ovie (not real name) says  "with alcohol in my system I  feel free to say or do what I want without being scared" , Veronica(not real name) says alcohol to her is like an energy drink, it energizes her and also gives her extra motivation.

Alcohol is termed medically as a depressant, meaning that it slows down vital functions; resulting in slurred speech, unsteady movement, disturbed perceptions and an inability to react. Alcohol also affects the mind and this is better felt when a person loses its ability to think rationally and cannot make or take clear judgments.

But alcohol gives energy to carryout jobs, how true is this? Truly for some, alcohol is viewed as a stimulant, but can one compare the stimulating power to the damage caused by the daily consumption ; if you ask me the answer is no.

Be cautioned, I never said drinking alcohol is out rightly wrong, but taking in excess can be very detrimental to ones health.  Ethyl alcohol (ethanol), the only alcohol used in beverages is produced by the fermentation of grains and fruits. Fermenting is a chemical process whereby yeast acts upon certain ingredients in the food creating alcohol.

 The level/days of fermentation determine the alcoholic content in a particular brand; Beer contains 2-6% of alcohol, Cider 4-8% alcohol, wine 8-20%, Tequila 40%, Rum and Brandy 40% or more and Gin 40-47% alcohol.  So do the maths, am sure you can ascertain the amount of alcohol in your system.

How do I get high? Medically when one consumes alcohol, it flows directly into the bloodstream, the amount of alcohol in ones system will expose your reaction under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol has three (3) residual points in a human body and when it gets settled certain reactions are expected.

Alcohol residual in the brain will induce sleep in some, for others it will trigger what I term diarrhea of the mouth (the talk too much), for others they become so quiet (you wander if they can talk).

Alcohol residual in the stomach causes vomiting, am sure you now know why you vomit next time.

Alcohol residual in the nerve causes the weakening of the knees and thats when you notice alcohol victim staggering (thats when you see, people jumping instead of walking).

Alcohol overdose causes more severe depressant effects (inability to feel pain, temporary unconsciousness, coma or death in worst cases).

Regular consumption of alcohol leads to alcohol dependence (alcoholism), loss of control, physical dependence and others. Long term effects of alcohol consumption can lead to injuries such as car crash, incessant falls, burns and drowning in some cases, sexual assault and domestic violence.

So next time you consider getting high; take time to reflect on this few concerns. Watch out for part 2 on getting high with the emphasis on DRUGS.