FCT Residents Describe Fuel Scarcity As Punishment Citing Unending Fuel Queues

Residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have described the fuel scarcity in the territory as suffering of the masses by the marketers of petroleum product.

The residents who are lamenting over the prolonged fuel scarcity, said the situation has worsen to the extent that drivers have increased transport fares by 100 per cent because hundreds of vehicles are queuing at filling stations.

Ishiaku Musa, a motorists said that she has spent two days at the NNPC filling station along Kubwa-Zuba expressway, because of the over 200 cars queuing for fuel at the filling station, with no hope of getting the product.
“I have no fuel in my car and I have been sleeping in this filling station for the past two days, I eat
and sleep here. I do not know when it is going to get to my turn when they eventually start selling the fuel and I can not afford black market where one litre is sold at between N250 and N300.

“The truth is that this fuel crisis is really a punishment to us, imagine the suffering we are all going through, this is not fair at all. We should not be going through this challenges,” he said.

Gloria Udo, a civil servant lamented that the prolonged fuel crisis has taken a negative turn on residents of the council, because motorists that were considerate during the beginning of the fuel crisis have been forced to increase their fares.

“From Kubwa village to town, I paid N200 instead of N100. The worst part of it all, is that to get the vehicles to board to town is another problem. Nobody knows what is going on and how long this fuel problem will last.

“We are really suffering in the FCT, things are getting harder by the day. When this fuel problem started, we thought that it will be just for a moment, but now, it has past two months and nothing has been done, we are suffering and smiling at this same time in this City,” she said.