Speech Of The Wife Of The President, Aisha Buhari on The Official Unveiling Ceremony Of The Nigeria Rebirth Art Project Represented By Mrs Osinbajo

 Your excellence’s ladies and Gentle men
Today, history will be made, today a new generation of Nigerians will be unveiled and today the greatness that defines us Nigerians as a people will be showcased to the world as we unveil the biggest unity art work and these young ambassadors from across the country.
As a mother, I have experienced the pain of bringing out new life, the inconveniences and temporal discomfort of a delivery process.  Today we are all mid-wives to the rebirth process of our dear Nation Nigeria.

The need for a National Rebirth becomes necessary because of the several setbacks
and social challenges we face as a Nation in the 21st Century. This new Nigeria we are giving birth to, will have a corruption immune DNA. This new Nigeria we are delivering is designed by our creator God almighty to become another super nation that will bring hope and prosperity to the whole of humanity with our collective efforts.
This baby we are giving birth to will bring joy to us and our children’s children, but first let us be ready to pay the price for a new ideology of Nigeria. Like the natural process of child birth, we might have to temporarily deprive ourselves of some comfort and we might have to ignore and overlook the idle statements of people who do not share in our burden and pursuit for National Rebirth and Development.

We will not rest until this baby is born and nurtured to a prosperous maturity with the Rebirth ideology of one Nation bound in freedom peace and Unity. We will not rest until that little girl in a village in Maiduguri can have a free and secure education, yes we will not rest until that female fish seller from the river side in the Niger Delta can become a fish merchant, indeed we will not rest until every Nigerian regardless of religion, ethnicity, social status and even political inclination can enjoy equal opportunities to dream, pursue and achieve greatness in all endeavors of life as a people.

As the biggest unity art work in Africa which is a symbol of this rebirth movement travel across Nigeria and beyond, as it hangs on classrooms and other public places across the country, may this symbolic art piece constantly remind us that there is a drop and depth of greatness in every Nigerian, we are not there yet with all hands on deck we will achieve the desired change we all desire.

I personally want to thank the project team led by Cabinet X Africa Initiative, the 37 Artiste from each state, the National Gallery of art through the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, and other stake holders for this patriotic and sacrificial endeavor. The Hundred days you spent in painting this New Symbol of Nigeria Rebirth will not be in vain. We shall rally round this dream to make sure the world marvels at the emergence of a brand new Nigeria. Once again your labor will not be in vain.

This unity art work cannot be unveiled without a face and a voice. The award of the Nigeria Rebirth Ambassadors to be presented to selected Nigerian children across the nation establishes a legacy that will truly usher in the emergence of a new Nigerian dream and ideology.

We hereby share a hand of fellowship with these innocent souls as we labor together to Rebrand ourselves as a Nation.
May God bless these young ambassadors!
May God bless the Nigeria Rebirth Project!
And May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!   
Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!