RTEAN Disagree With FRSC Over Use Of Speed Limit Device

The Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN) has suggested that the speed limit device proposed by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) must not be limited to commercial vehicles alone but extended to all categories of vehicles, including the private ones.

The National President, RTEAN, Alhaji Musa Shehu Isiwele, said in Abuja yesterday that limiting the speed limit device to commercial vehicles alone could best be described as “witch-hunting” and a ploy to further stifle the contribution efforts of commercial vehicles to nation building. TodayNG reports

He said: “The commercial vehicles have continued to contribute to national development. It has created jobs for thousands of Nigerians and it has continued to be relevant in the transportation of goods and services across the length and breadth of Nigeria during favourable and unfavourable conditions. All of these must be appreciated by the people and the government, then for somebody to say it is only the commercial vehicles that are reckless on the highways and therefore are the only ones that should carry the speed limit device as proposed by the FRSC is to say the list, unfortunate.”

Isiwele said most of the road crashes that have claimed the lives of prominent people in Nigeria could be attributed to the accidents caused by private vehicles as the case of the late Minister of State for Labour, James Ocholi, his wife and son.

The RTEAN president stated that in as much as his association is supporting the FRSC on the project, the proposal must include all vehicles across the country.

He also suggested that FRSC should not be the sole authority to handle the project, saying: “We are saying that we expect the FRSC to allow RTEAN, NURTW handle issues affecting commercial vehicles. They should have called all unions to go and produce the speed limit device for their members. This is because we don’t want to have an unknown organisation that will sell brake pads or useless tyres for us. Presently, they are saying they will register some organisations that will collect the monies and fix the speed limit device. We are not comfortable with this arrangement, they should allow us as union to make arrangement for ourselves.”

Isiwele, who said RTEAN had already finalised arrangement to register all its members across the country, said: “I recently travelled outside the country to bring in bio-metric data capturing machines. As soon as they arrive, we are going to embark on biometric capturing for all our members so that we would be able to ascertain the total number of our members, as the present figure of say six million or so is not authentic.”

On the proposed re-introduction of toll-gate fees and weigh bridge in all federal roads by government, the RTEAN president expressed confidence that the move will further assist in generating more funds for government.