Nina Yusuf-Kwande: The Need for Properly Constructed and Finished Garments Led to the Foundation of TFA

I had an interesting chat with the Lead training consultant and fashion designer Nina Yusuf-Kwande of The Fashion Academy Abuja . It will shock you to know how she single handled started the academy, talk about boss lady. Below is the excerpts.

2010 we started off in one small room with 5 students; we shortly moved to a three room flat and had up to 7 students at a time. 

2012 we arrived here, able to cater for a dozen in a class. 
2014 we cater for groups of 15-20 still maintaining a ratio of 6:1 student to tutor ratio during practical time

Our dream is to one day move to a properly constructed school building with classes dedicated to the young creative children we are raising, spaces for adults to learn the vast vocational fashion related skills and just serve as a center to grow the talents existing in our country.
Between 2010 - 2014 over 300 students have had a form of training with us through our intensive short courses

Our alumni includes Lawyers, Architects, Bankers, Engineers, University students, Job seekers, High school leavers and a few primary school kids. We have also run classes in independent spaces catering to specific groups.

After taking our courses, we have students that have enhanced their existing skills and talents, new sewers that have soared quickly, students that have opened new businesses and those that have started tutoring in classes here and in other schools too. We also have those who found it too much and maybe not for them! Yes I'am afraid you need a working brain to do this work well.

By empowering these groups though seemingly already empowered, small business start ups are easy to do well. These ones can then create skill-based employment for larger groups of people. It beats waiting for the white collar jobs we went to school to study for, dedicating a decent portion of our youth to gain a good CV and help other people's businesses grow, then realize you aren't actually fulfilled and would like to then explore other options. Though every job you have done well is added wealth to you too.
So basically let's think Big even in this area...
Think Factories, Think "Made in Nigeria" for the International Community.
Lets bring the world to us for a change.

If you want to learn the craft...
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Plot 248 Carlcon Street, Kado Kuchi,
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